What is Lego Dimensions?

Lego Dimensions is a new concept in gaming that brings together the real world of Lego and the digital video game world in a great gaming experience. During the game there are certain Lego elements that need to be built in real life and then used in the game. The video games uses a Lego… Read More »

11 Big Lego City Sets

The older children enjoy the challenge that is offered by the bigger building sets and these 11 big Lego City sets will not only give them an enjoyable challenge, it will also take their collection to a new level. These sets have more than 700 pieces and some have more mini-figures than the average set.… Read More »

What are STEM skills?

The acronym STEM is being used more and more in education, in the workplace and even by toy manufacturers. But what are STEM skills and why should we care? The simple answer is that the acronym STEM stands for academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. So STEM skills would then be skills related… Read More »

The Exploring Machines Set from K’Nex

Help children learn more advanced concepts of simple machines while having fun – this set will achieve just that. It is the next step after the sets in the K’Nex Simple Machines series and gives the children more advanced models to build. The concepts that children will learn from this set include many STEM (Science,… Read More »

Simple Machines for Kids to Build at Home

I have always been intrigued by the toys that are designed for use in the classroom. Many schools don’t have these so I am continually on the look-out to see what sets are available that I can possibly get for my kids. I really love the idea that they can play and learn at the… Read More »