Lego Architecture Studio 21050 – Is it worth it?

By | February 2, 2020

The Lego Architecture Studio 21050 set is really a one-of-a-kind set.

It is unique because it does not come with the usual colorful bricks and it also does not have instructions to build a specific model. With over 1200 bricks this set is meant to give free reign to your creativity and is intended for the older teens and adults.

At last you can set your imagination free and design and build your own architectural creations without being told exactly what they must look like. This is truly a set that can be used over and over again to build many different designs. It has been used by architectural students to build models of their designs, but it can also be used just for fun and to unleash your creativity. The inspirational booklet included in the set will get soon have you building some amazing buildings.

The set comes with only white and transparent bricks in many different shapes and sizes, 1210 pieces in total.

There is an inspirational book included in the set that will help you to get going, but it is different form the usual instruction booklets that come with most Lego sets. This book gives you some general tips, exercises to get some practice with different building ideas and it explains different design techniques. Some architects from famous companies such as Sou Fujimoto Architects, SOM, MAD Architects, Safdie Architects, REX Architecture, and Tham & Videgård Arkitekter have made contributions to the tips and design techniques featured in the book. The book has a lot of information and ideas in its 272 pages.

This set will suit both the casual Lego building enthusiast, as well as adults interested in architecture or even those studying the subject. It is great for projects as well as just giving you the opportunity to unleash your creativity.

Although this set has been discontinued by Lego, there are still some available to buy. I imagine that the price might start going up over time when there are fewer of these sets available.

Other than the booklet included in the set, there are also other books that can be used with this set:

  • The Lego Architect by Tom Alphin (192 pages) and
  • The Lego Architecture Idea Book by Alice Finch (232 pages).

This set can keep you busy for as long as you let your imagination loose. Whether you are creating a building to put on display for a while, or just experimenting with different designs and techniques, you will be free to give your creativity free reign. This set, in my opinion, is definitely worth having in your collection of building sets.

If you want something that has actual designs to build there is a Lego architecture series that features specific famous buildings with detailed instructions to build them, as well as the Lego Architecture Sklyline series.

Do you like the idea of a set with no specific instructions, but just an ideas book? Or do you prefer the more predictable sets with full instructions? Please share your thoughts below.


6 thoughts on “Lego Architecture Studio 21050 – Is it worth it?

  1. Donald

    Lego Architecture Studio 21050 is a Lego set for older teens and adults you say. I always thought Lego was for kids, but i can see how an advanced set would be something older teens and even adults would be interested in. Especially if they are building enthusiasts in any way.

    With all of 1210 pieces too it sounds like quite the challenge to put this thing together. Probably requiring some imagination and forethought.

    1. Lesley Post author

      While I have been doing research on the various Lego sets available I have been amazed at how many of them are aimed at the older market like young adults and adults. There are some amazing sets out there that definitely are not suitable for young children. 

  2. Alejandra

    I really think the Lego architecture studio 21050 set is worth buying!

    I love Lego, and I must say as a mother of 3 young adults, I can share how well my children played with their Legos almost every day as they grew up.

    I never kept the boxes or the instructions, my children kept all their Legos in a plastic container all together, they used to played to build many things on their own imagination.

    My children could spend hours and days with one project.

    When my children became teenager, they didn’t play as much with their Legos, so I pass the container to my sister’s young children, the same happened here, they didn’t need any instructions and they played with the Legos for many years.

    When my sister’s children grew up my sister gave me back the Legos container, today it’s my grandson who has this box.

    Legos help children and adults to be creative, they don’t need many times the instructions, they will learn to create their own buildings and creatures, and they will always have fun, so I say, it is worth to buy it. 

    1. Lesley Post author

      I also think this set is worth it for the older teens and young adults. They will get a lot out of it and enjoy being able to build their own creations. Who knows, maybe they even come up with a unique design that they can market. 

  3. Bobbi

    The Lego architectural set sounds amazing for my 3 granddaughters who love legos, I would rather have the set with predictable instructions on some of the lego builds, but also after you get a couple under your belt that way, the idea book would really get my granddaughters using their imaginations. Lego architecture series with the specific famous buildings with detailed instructions is for me.

    1. Lesley Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Bobbi.

      I do agree that for the younger children you need the sets with specific instructions and a specific outcome. Some thing like the Lego Architecture studio kit could be quite overwhelming for the younger builders. 


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