K’Nex Education Real Bridge Building

By | September 10, 2016

Is this the ultimate bridge building set?

With this K’Nex Education Real Bridge Building set children will be able to build bridges of 5 to 6 feet in length! Now that is what I call real bridge building.

It is easy to build small bridges like those in the smaller K’Nex set Intro to Structures: Bridges but it is a bit more of a challenge to build a bridge 5 or 6 feet in length and not let it collapse. This definitely takes the learning aspects of bridge building to a new level.

K’NEX Education – Real Bridge Building


What do you get in this set?

  • 2304 K’Nex pieces
  • Instructions to build 7 bridges, each 5 to 6 feet long
  • 2 strong storage trays with lids (no dividers included)
  • Teacher’s guide CD
  • Recommended age: 10+

With so many pieces it is a great set for a small group of kids to work on a project at the same time. If the pieces are split equally into 2 sets then 2 bridges can be built at the same time. This will definitely keep kids busy for some time.

The bridges that can be built include models of some well-known real-world models:

  • a suspension bridge based on the Golden Gate bridge;
  • a cantilever bridge based on the Fourth Rail bridge and
  • an arch bridge based on the Sydney Harbor bridge.

These sets help children learn about technology and engineering concepts and the technical aspects to building bridges including the structural design, geometry and strength.

The hands-on learning experience of these types of building sets helps to encourage scientific investigation, inquiry and experimentation. The lessons included are inquiry-based lessons to challenge students as they build, problem solve, investigate and discuss the design principles.

This is the best bridge building set that I have come across. Whether you want it for use in a school classroom or at home, it will challenge the builders and budding engineers in the family. I don’t think the interest in this set will be limited to children, but try to let them do a few on their own without doing too much for them.

When the kids are through with building bridges, they can use the set to build other models. The pieces will fit together with any other regular-sized K’Nex set.

Do you think this set is too big to have at home and should be kept to its designed use as a classroom teaching aid? Wou;d you consider it for home use or for homeschooling? I know my kids will want this set at home, but I can’t help wondering which part of the house will be taken over by a model bridge. Amazon price check

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2 thoughts on “K’Nex Education Real Bridge Building

  1. Aj

    These look so cool!! I’m thinking my nephew would be totally into this. Do you think it can be accomplished by a kiddo on their own? He’s 13 and super smart. Sometimes he has a hard time getting the family to help him in his science adventures! Maybe it could be something for him and I to do.

    1. Lesley Post author

      Yes, absolutely, he will be able to handle these models on his own. They are quite large, so he just needs to have enough space to work. this is perfect for a child that has an interest in engineering and science. I am quite sure that after building the models that are included in the instruction manual then he will venture out and begin designing his own. 


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