Introducing the Zoob Building Sets

By | December 8, 2014

There are many different types of building toys sets available and the Zoob building sets stand out as being quite different from the more traditional toys. They are relatively new on the market and are not as well known around the world as some of the older, traditional building toys like Lego and Meccano.

These toys are quite different so I thought it would be good to give you an explanation of what Zoob building toys are and how they work.

Zoob building sets - insect

Realistic looking creatures can be made with Zoob building sets

The design of the Zoob pieces is based on nature, more specifically on the structure of DNA components called nucleotides.

The pieces join together by a round end fitting into an open end with slots on the side, or the open ends fitting over the middle section of a piece. These joins are tight and will hold the shape of the model being built, but they can be moved into different positions. This is really what makes these toys different from the others.

Every piece can move to allow manipulation of the creation. Whatever they create can be moved into different positions thus giving many more play options.

Here are a few pictures that show the different pieces and the many ways that they can connect to each other.

Zoob Building sets - connectors 2

Zoob Building Sets - connectors 1


2 Different Types of Zoob Building Toys

Zoob Jr Express TrainThere are 2 ranges of Zoob toys that are different sizes and do not fit together.

The standard Zoob pieces (pictured above) are sometimes known as Zoob classic, but are just called Zoob on the packaging.

There is also a Zoob Jr (Junior) range that has pieces that are larger and softer then the Zoob classic pieces. These are intended for younger children from the age of 4 years to 6 years.

The standard Zoob sets are intended for children of 6 years and older and the pieces are made of a harder plastic material.

The Range of Sets Available

The Zoob Jr range does not have many sets, but this is perfect for the age group they are meant for. There are 3 basic sets with 15, 30 or 55 pieces. These include some building ideas but are meant for children to use their imaginations and build their own creations.

Then there are 4 specialised sets for building specific models: the Zipster Kit, the Scooter Kit, the Zoomer Racing Car and the Dump Truck.

The standard Zoob toys come in quite a large range of sets, from the basic starter sets to some specialized sets and a few add-on sets. The basic sets come with instructions to build different models. The specialized sets have instructions to build the specific featured model and a few others.

An exception to this rule is the Zoob Challenge Kit that comes with some instructions and a number of challenges. The challenges are designed to encourage creative thinking and imagination to solve them.

The smallest set has 15 pieces and the largest has 500 pieces. This gives quite a wide range of choices.

As with other building toys, the basic sets have different numbers of pieces. There are 3 sets that come in storage tubs and have 125, 250 or 500 pieces. The basic box sets start with a 15-piece set and the largest has 75 pieces.

There are a number of specialised sets that come with instructions to build the featured model and a few others. A few examples include the Zoob Mobile Dragster Kit, the Zoob Car Designer Kit and the ZoobDude Dude Maker.

Zoob building sets - truck modelSome of these include an engine and a remote control. The remote controls are available in 2 different frequencies to allow 2 remote controlled creations to be used at the same time without interfering with each other. The frequency will be indicated on the box.

There is also a Zoob Mover that can be purchased separately. This is a battery powered unit with wheels that the Zoob pieces can connect onto. With this unit the kids can make creations that can move.

These are all great sets to encourage creativity and building. I will be looking at the various options in more detail so that you can make informed choices if you are looking at buying any of these.

The cherry on the top

To top all of this, these toys have a lifetime warranty. If a piece breaks you can have it replaced by the company you bought it from, or from the supplier. They are obviously confident of the quality of the product. It’s no wonder I like these Zoob building sets!

Find out more about my favorite set, the Zoob Challenge kit, or take a look at the my top picks for Zoob starter sets.

Do you have questions or comments about the Zoob toys? Feel free to leave a note in the comments section below.

15 thoughts on “Introducing the Zoob Building Sets

    1. Lesley Post author

      They are sure to get around the world quite fast. If you can’t find them in the shops I am sure you can order online.

    1. Lesley Post author

      Hi Rebecca, thanks for stopping by. There are some very interesting educational toys out there and these are a great option.

  1. Margot

    They remind me of Lego’s in a way. I remember having hours of fun with those. The look like the perfect toy to get children’s imaginations working and keep them from those video games for awhile. Great information on these sets. I don’t have to cruise the internet trying to figure out just exactly what they are. Thank you for this. I now know what I’ll be getting my nephew’s son for Christmas this year!


    1. Lesley Post author

      Hi Margot, thanks for stopping by. These really are great toys – the recipient of the gift is sure to enjoy many hours of play with it.

  2. Dmitriy

    Wow, I’ve never heard of those before! I have two boys, and, to be honest, I run out of ideas on what would be interesting to them. We have a house full of toys, but each toy is basically an attraction for 1-2 days for them. Once, I used to buy a lot of LEGO kits for my older son, but I think he also lost interest to them. Zoob looks like something entirely different, I think I will give it a try, thank you for sharing this!

    1. Lesley Post author

      If you already have Lego you might want to take a look at the Lego Crazy Action Contraption set. It might give your older son a new spark of interest to build some weird and wonderful models. The Zoob sets are challenging in their own way because they are so different, but you might also want to take a look at some of the available K’Nex sets.

  3. Emmanuel

    This zoob building set is like a robotics seminar I attended. This one involved the use of bricks to create a similar architecture as the zoob building sets. I will recommend this not just for the fun aspect, but I can tell you the educational implications are enormous. The IQ of the kids who are introduced to these toys always skyrocket. I can tell you for a fact as an educator that your kids will thank you for this. Lesley, keep the fire burning and the good cooking.

    1. Lesley Post author

      Thanks for confirming what I believe about the benefits of building toys. I am not an educator, but I have seen that kids that are exposed to these types of toys have a definite intellectual advantage over those that don’t get the opportunity. This is one of the reasons why I want to tell people about these building toys and encourage them to have them at home for their kids.

  4. Viljoen

    Wow these Zoob building sets looks awesome. I like the fact that you can build almost anything that you wish and I like the 3D models that you show on your page.

    When I was still very young I used to play Lego’s a lot and I still have my box somewhere. How many different packages do you get with this Zoob building set?

    1. Lesley Post author

      This is just one huge set to build a full size, working grandfather clock. Of ccourse you could use the pices to build something else, but they will all be used up in this one model.

  5. Robbie Wickham

    It is great that you are sharing this amazing creation with others. Zoob seems like a wonderful creation for all ages. I am glad that they have a junior size for kids, though. This would really be a fun and creative way to learn about nucleotides and is very constructive for kids. The lifetime warranty on the Zoob pieces really is the cherry on top.

    1. Lesley Post author

      I must admit that I love the Zoob building sets. Perhaps because they are so different from the traditional building block type of sets that I grew up with. They are often used as by teachers to make scientific models that help them explain concepts to students. Keep an eye out for more posts about sets in this range.


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