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Model Bridge Building for Kids

At some point in their school career a child is likely to have to design and build a model bridge. It could also happen more than once during their school years. Another school building project! What materials can be used? What design should it be? Inevitably the parent has to get involved and help. Where… Read More »

K’Nex Education Real Bridge Building

Is this the ultimate bridge building set? With this K’Nex Education Real Bridge Building set children will be able to build bridges of 5 to 6 feet in length! Now that is what I call real bridge building. It is easy to build small bridges like those in the smaller K’Nex set Intro to Structures: Bridges but… Read More »

An Excellent Toy Bridge Building Set

Another bridge building project? Are you tired of finding materials to build a model bridge? Tired of fiddling with toothpicks and glue? There is an easier way – with this toy bridge building set! No more fuss and bother when you need to help kids learn about building bridges. This set I am about to… Read More »

Get K’Nex Instructions Online or Download

Do you need more ideas of what you can build with your K’Nex set after using the instructions that were supplied? Or perhaps you need to replace lost or damaged building instructions. There are a few places where you can find K’Nex instructions online and some that you can download. Almost all of the instructions… Read More »

The Exploring Machines Set from K’Nex

Help children learn more advanced concepts of simple machines while having fun – this set will achieve just that. It is the next step after the sets in the K’Nex Simple Machines series and gives the children more advanced models to build. The concepts that children will learn from this set include many STEM (Science,… Read More »

Simple Machines for Kids to Build at Home

I have always been intrigued by the toys that are designed for use in the classroom. Many schools don’t have these so I am continually on the look-out to see what sets are available that I can possibly get for my kids. I really love the idea that they can play and learn at the… Read More »