What type of building set do you prefer?

I have been a fan of building sets for as long as I can remember. As a child I had access to Lego bricks, wooden blocks and Stickle-Bricks. There were a few pamphlets with building ideas, but there was no set that was meant to build one specific model. Creativity had free reign with these… Read More »

Ship in a Bottle Lego Set

A ship in a bottle has always has always fascinated me. This Lego Ideas set featuring a ship in a bottle is an advanced build suitable for older children and adults. There are lots of tiny pieces so it won’t be suitable for young children. Once you have completed building this set it will make… Read More »

The Lego Christmas Sets Make a Great Display

The Christmas Holiday Season can be so much fun for the family with all the decorating and festivities that go with it. The Lego Christmas sets make a great winter holiday display and can be used year after year, just like any other seasonal decorations. This is also a great way to keep the older… Read More »

Model Bridge Building for Kids

At some point in their school career a child is likely to have to design and build a model bridge. It could also happen more than once during their school years. Another school building project! What materials can be used? What design should it be? Inevitably the parent has to get involved and help. Where… Read More »

K’Nex Education Real Bridge Building

Is this the ultimate bridge building set? With this K’Nex Education Real Bridge Building set children will be able to build bridges of 5 to 6 feet in length! Now that is what I call real bridge building. It is easy to build small bridges like those in the smaller K’Nex set Intro to Structures: Bridges but… Read More »

An Excellent Toy Bridge Building Set

Another bridge building project? Are you tired of finding materials to build a model bridge? Tired of fiddling with toothpicks and glue? There is an easier way – with this toy bridge building set! No more fuss and bother when you need to help kids learn about building bridges. This set I am about to… Read More »