K’Nex Education Real Bridge Building

Is this the ultimate bridge building set? With this K’Nex Education Real Bridge Building set children will be able to build bridges of 5 to 6 feet in length! Now that is what I call real bridge building. It is easy to build small bridges like those in the smaller K’Nex set Intro to Structures: Bridges but… Read More »

An Excellent Toy Bridge Building Set

Another bridge building project? Are you tired of finding materials to build a model bridge? Tired of fiddling with toothpicks and glue? There is an easier way – with this toy bridge building set! No more fuss and bother when you need to help kids learn about building bridges. This set I am about to… Read More »

The Big Lego Tower Bridge Building Set

Getting bored with the small Lego sets? Looking for a challenging Lego build that will keep you busy for more than a few minutes? This London bridge Lego set will provide a good challenge. Lego Tower Bridge (#10214) Number of pieces: 4295 Minifigures: none Vehicles: 4 miniature vehicles to build:  a black London taxi, a… Read More »

Get K’Nex Instructions Online or Download

Do you need more ideas of what you can build with your K’Nex set after using the instructions that were supplied? Or perhaps you need to replace lost or damaged building instructions. There are a few places where you can find K’Nex instructions online and some that you can download. Almost all of the instructions… Read More »

What is a Lego Dimensions Level Pack?

Starter packs, level packs, team packs, fun packs… it can be a little confusing. What is a Lego Dimensions Level Pack? The level packs are expansions to the game that add new mission-based levels and extend the game-play for more hours of fun. Keeping with the main idea of the game, the models in these… Read More »

What is Lego Dimensions?

Lego Dimensions is a new concept in gaming that brings together the real world of Lego and the digital video game world in a great gaming experience. During the game there are certain Lego elements that need to be built in real life and then used in the game. The video games uses a Lego… Read More »

11 Big Lego City Sets

The older children enjoy the challenge that is offered by the bigger building sets and these 11 big Lego City sets will not only give them an enjoyable challenge, it will also take their collection to a new level. These sets have more than 700 pieces and some have more mini-figures than the average set.… Read More »